Aikido and Selfdefense in Schönengrund

Spring: Self-defense course 2024

Self-defense course for young women or girls aged between 10 and 18

We will hold our next course in spring 2024. It will be 5 Saturday Mornings between the end of the Easterholidays and the beginning of the Summerholidays: Dates: 25.05.2024, 01.06.2024, 08.06.2024, 15.06.2024, 22.06.20024



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Self-defense and so much more.

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We don’t have a regular practice day at the moment. Please contact us before turning up at the dojo. Please consult our calender.

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The dojo was founded by Willi Frischknecht and can be rented for seminars. 

About the Dojo


Would you like to register children? From 10 years junior training, from 6 years children training. Waiting list.  Trial training for juniors (10 years an older)  will follow.

Junior / Kids Training

What’s next?

Old Mill Schönengrund

Seminar with Amadea Thoma and Monika Dörig, Saturday, 22.06.2024, 1330 until 1800

Especially well suited for beginners and Kyu Grades, but everbody is welcome






Birankai Switzerland Seminar

In Balzers: 2. and 3. November 2024













Partnering Birankai DOJOS

Birankai Dojo Dornbirn- Seminar with Mark Pickering Shihan, Anne Ducouret Sensei  and Jürgen Schwendinger Sensei 10.05.2024 until 12.05.2024





Past events

Dojo opening: September 16th to 18th

The official dojo opening seminar was held from Friday 16th evening, until Sunday 18th lunchtime. Pictures will follow soon.


Last regional Seminar: Saturday, 06.05.2023 Afternoon: Amadea Thoma, 3rd Dan and Monika Dörig, 2nd Dan: women teaching- men welcome

Last Seminar with Jürgen Schwendinger: 09.09.2023