Aikido and Selfdefense in Schönengrund

Spring: Self-defense course 2024

Self-defense course for young women or girls aged between 10 and 18

We will hold our next course in spring 2024. It will be 5 Saturday Mornings between the end of the Easterholidays and the beginning of the Summerholidays: Dates: 25.05.2024, 01.06.2024, 08.06.2024, 15.06.2024, 22.06.20024



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Self-defense and so much more.

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We don’t have a regular practice day at the moment. Please contact us before turning up at the dojo. Please consult our calender.

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The dojo was founded by Willi Frischknecht and can be rented for seminars. 

About the Dojo


Would you like to register children? From 10 years junior training, from 6 years children training. Waiting list.  Trial training for juniors (10 years an older)  will follow.

Junior / Kids Training

What’s next?

Old Mill Schönengrund

Aikido Schule St. Gallen, Seminar with Amadea Thoma and Monika Dörig, Saturday, 24.02.2024, 0900 until 1200




Birankai Switzerland Seminar

In Balzers: 2. and 3. November 2024













Partnering Birankai DOJOS

Birankai Dojo Dornbirn- Seminar with Mark Pickering Shihan, Anne Ducouret Sensei  and Jürgen Schwendinger Sensei 10.05.2024 until 12.05.2024





Past events

Dojo opening: September 16th to 18th

The official dojo opening seminar was held from Friday 16th evening, until Sunday 18th lunchtime. Pictures will follow soon.


Last regional Seminar: Saturday, 06.05.2023 Afternoon: Amadea Thoma, 3rd Dan and Monika Dörig, 2nd Dan: women teaching- men welcome

Last Seminar with Jürgen Schwendinger: 09.09.2023